PHP and MongoDB Hosting Platform

A platform to run and scale PHP and MongoDB apps.

Everything you need to run and scale

NodeChef PHP and MongoDB hosting platform is based on managed containers with integrated Redis add-on, for deploying and running your apps.


Available in multiple regions

Choose a data center near you.

  • Powerful metrics

    NodeChef provides you with uptime metrics for your instances, response latency of your application containers, real-time structured HTTP logs as well as CPU and memory usage of all instances.

  • Fully Integrated and flexible

    NodeChef's fully managed and integrated platform means you dont have to rely on several providers to host your app. You can host your app, database, and several add-ons on NodeChef.

  • Live code updates

    Update your code in production without any downtime. Nodechef coordinates updates with precision to ensure a seamless upgrade experience for all connected clients.