The Node.js Hosting Platform

A platform to run and scale Node.js and MongoDB apps.

Everything you need to run and scale

NodeChef Node.js hosting platform is based on managed containers, with integrated data services and powerful add-ons, for deploying and running your apps.

One command-deploy

Launch your app on NodeChef with a single ‘deploy’ command. The NodeChef runtime orchestrates and manages the execution and scale of your apps.

Nodechef provides zero downtime vertical and horizontal scalability. Containers can be added and removed on demand with a single click of a button.

# Run nodechef CLI and login nodechef # Deploy your app deploy -i myapp

Built on containers

NodeChef runs your code inside Docker containers on bare metal servers. Set up a managed container cluster equipped with capabilities such as logging to make application management easier.

Easily declare containers' requirements, such as the amount of storage, memory and number of containers.

Nodechef provides you with uptime metrics, response and connect latency of all application containers, real-time structured HTTP logs, number of active clients, requests per second, CPU and memory usage of all containers.


Highly scalable NoSQL database

NodeChef uses the RocksDB storage engine for MongoDB. MongoRocks combines the extensive features of MongoDB with the speed and efficiency of RocksDB, creating a very powerful and scalable NoSQL database for your apps.

Some highlights of MongoRocks includes 50x increased writes over MMAP, an average of 90% reduction in storage space over MMAP and document-level locking for increased throughput.

Faster and cheaper

NodeChef is both faster and cheaper than DIY and other hosting solutions. For a starting price of only $9/month, you can easily host your app and database.

Nodechef provides automated SSL certificate provisioning, installation and renewals, wildcard domain management as well as static assets delivery and caching via our load balancers for faster page loads.

Hobbyist or Startup

Application Memory: 128 MB

Database Memory: 100 MB

Database Storage: 1 GB

Oplog Access: Yes

Free Multi domains SSL: Yes


Powerful addons

Advanced search engine featuring full-text search, phrase, prefix, fuzzy and proximity search, relevance ranking, faceting, spell checking, type ahead suggestions (auto complete), geo-search, Highlighting, multi-lingual and many more.

When it comes to ad hoc queries and rich analytics, Nodechef supports a variant of SQL Select designed to process JSON documents of any complexity.

Nodechef live query allows you to build scalable realtime apps that support massive concurrent users by using a tailable cursor on any mongodb find query.

// From mongo shell db.Products.find({ $textx : { phrase : "that which became has be", gap : -2, prefix : "last", fuzzy :"T2_2" }, in_stock : 1, price : { $lt : 100 } }).limit(10);
// Create a new Parse object ParseObject post = new ParseObject("Post"); post.put("title", "Hello World"); // Save it to Nodechef post.saveInBackground();
// Create a new Parse object var post = new ParseObject("Post"); post["title"] = "Hello World!"; // Save it to Parse await post.SaveAsync()
// From mongo shell db.runCommand({select : "SELECT a.domain, COUNT(1) AS c FROM ( SELECT REGEXEXTRACT('^https?://(?:www.)?([^/]*)/?(?:.*)', null, url) AS domain, score FROM submissions ) a GROUP BY a.domain ORDER BY c DESC LIMIT 100"});
// from the node.js driver // game_scores is not a capped collection var stream = db.collection('system.subscriptions.game_scores') .find({ room_id : 'xYB2329AM' }, { tailable: true, awaitdata: true, }).stream(); stream.on('data', function(document) { console.log(document); });

One-command deploy

Launch your app on Nodechef with a single ‘deploy’ command. The Nodechef runtime orchestrates and manages the execution and scale of your apps.

Fully Integrated and flexible

NodeChef's fully managed and integrated platform means you dont have to rely on several providers to host your app. You can host your app, database, and several add-ons on NodeChef.

Live code updates

Update your code in production without any downtime. Nodechef coordinates updates by replacing containers with precision to ensure a seamless upgrade experience for all connected clients.